Say “Hello” to Sorcha, another of our Reception team who is joining our Teaching Team this Autumn.

Bringing her extensive knowledge of all things Britney Spears and Mat work Pilates, You are in for a musical treat in Sorcha’s classes.

Have a read and get to know her a little better!

Do you remember your first Pilates class? / What did you honestly think?

My first class with Platinum Pilates was at the very start of 2016 in Leeson Street with Derek. I was on a bit of a high afterward and I absolutely ached the next day – but the good sort of aching! I had always danced growing up so this was like my new fix.

What made you consider a career in it?

After that, I became an addicted client, where I attended classes for over 3 years. My experience in the studio and with the teachers has led me to pursue my own Pilates teaching career, and I undertook the BASI comprehensive programme in January of this year.

Favourite thing about Pilates?

My favourite thing about Pilates (and more specifically reformer Pilates) is that the studio is an opportunity to switch off from emails and calls and focus on the invigorating workout at hand. I also felt, both mentally and physically, better than I did walking in which I find nearly impossible to find anywhere else in my life.

What is your classic Pilates wardrobe?

Nice Pilates gear is my downfall – it will probably bankrupt me one day! I love some good Sweaty Betty leggings with a cosy jumper. I’m also obsessed with the brand Spiritual Gangster. I never attend a class without my Platinum Pilates grippy socks (obviously). There is always a pang of sadness when I need to take leggings off and wear normal clothes instead.

Favourite Platinum studio to take/teach a class in?

My favourite place to take class is in Leeson Street and first thing in the morning. It holds special memories for me as it was the very first studio I was in. I also love that its right in the middle of town and I always feel like I can take on the world if I take a class in the morning.

What’s on your Pilates playlist? 

My playlist contains Britney Spears – so much Britney Spears!

What is your favorite exercise?

My favourite Pilates exercise is one that may not always be the most pleasant, but one I am developing lots of love for, the Stomach Massage.

I love the name of the exercise, it always makes me laugh – there is nothing about it that I would describe as massaging unless we include the good laugh the name of the exercise gives me! On a more technical note, it really fires up the abdominals and makes me relax into my hip flexors (which I find nearly impossible to do). Once you get the hang of it, it’s like a light switch – I always love an exercise where you really need to focus.

What made you want to work at Platinum Pilates?

I’ve attended numerous Pilates studios over a number of years, taking Barre, Mat, and Reformer, and I have never had the same experience that a Platinum Pilates class gives me. The studios and teachers are all amazing and I am so excited about joining such an awesome team of people. I have always wanted to try to inspire and influence my own clients in the same way that Platinum Pilates continues to do for me. I hope to achieve that during my time in the studio.

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