As June approaches it is time to turn beast mode into beach mode!

We’re here to help you become the envy of every beach go-er this Summer.

After the runaway success of our “Summer Body Challenge” last year we have decided to bring it back for you.

Kicking off on June 1st, we want you to join us for 28 classes over 30 days. Be the “ab envy” of all of your friends as you hit the beach this year. The great thing about Reformer Pilates is it works EVERYTHING! Arms, abs, ass and all. Every muscle in your body will get a workout and be in tip top shape for Summer!

How do I sign up? 

The “Summer Body Challenge” goes on sale on Thursday May 31st at 9am. You will only be able to buy this online or through the app. It will not be available to buy in the studios. If you are a new client to Platinum Pilates then be sure to create an account in advance.

What do I do then?  

Once the pass is on your account you have 7 days to activate it. Then, the Reformer Pilates World is your oyster! You can book into any class in any location. There are no restrictions. If you are new to Reformer Pilates it is best to start off with the beginners classes which are advertised as “L1” classes. Here you will learn the basics of how the Reformer works and the foundation principles of Reformer. To get the best out of the “Summer Body Challenge” I would recommend that you do a variety of classes. Once you feel comfortable at L1, normally between 4-6 classes, move into Cardio Jump board, Ballet Barre and even L2 Classes. Give yourself that push, remember it is a challenge. Saying that, Keep it safe. If you feel the L1 classes are challenging enough that stay there! It is your body, your Challenge.

Any Terms and Conditions? 

Of course there are always the T&C’s, thankfully not very many of them. The pass is unlimited in the sense that you have 30 days from activation to take in 28 classes. This is 1 class per day. You cannot do multiple classes on a day. Some of other points to note also:

  • The end date cannot be extended. Unfortunately, once you activate the pass it will automatically expire in 30 days.
  • The pass must be activated in the first 7 days of June. If not it will automatically activate itself.
  • Standard cancellation Policy applies. We would ask that if you cannot make a class that you cancel it. This will allow someone on the wait list to avail of a class.
  • If you fail to show up to class without cancelling 3 times, the pass will automatically deactivate.
  • Classes from the “Summer Body Challenge” don’t count towards our rewards program.
  • The pass cannot be shared with a family member.

What can I expect from the Challenge. 

You can expect so much. The obvious things, changes in body shape, weight loss, increase in strength, endurance and Flexibility. You will reduced back pain and stress while improving your sleep patterns. It will create change in your lifestyle to allow exercise to become a regular part of it. You will feel better. The list is endless and full of positives.

The “Summer Body Challenge” goes on sale on Thursday May 31st at 9am and is limited to only 100 spaces. IF you need any more information drop me an email on

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