Why and when did you decide to teach Reformer Pilates?

Laurie SchneiderJoining the Platinum team was a big new adventure for me in my pilates journey. A natural progression as I had been teaching dance and mat pilates for years.

It was perfect timing for me in an imperfect time but feeling brave and up for a new challenge I jumped right on to the reformer…no looking back!

What inspires you to teach?

Well, a lot inspires me to teach… interacting understanding and challenging our clients throughout class.

Also, without a doubt, I learn a little bit more about the body, how I teach, how differently people react to queuing and so many other things every single class I teach.

What is your favourite aspect of teaching?

The ‘aha’ moment in clients when something finally clicks or the exhilaration when they push themselves and rise to the challenge.

What advice would you give a beginner in Platinum Pilates?

Enjoy ….take the time to listen carefully to the instructor. If a little lost in the movement a little glance will give you a visual cue as to what your neighbour is doing. It’s not a race and often we need to work on the muscle memory and mind to body connection.

 Laurie Schneider exercise

We are aiming to create conscious whole body functional movement and sometimes we have to really bring it back down to the fundamentals. You will feel the “burn” but what’s the point if you are not in proper alignment!

What type of music do you play in your classes?

I love playing disco and very cheesy 80’s music for my reformer classes, but I am looking forward to bringing some funk and soul into the mix. My ballet barre is all about the pop mix and high octane beats.

What is your Level 1 like?

This class is all about the fundamentals of pilates, our movement and learning how to use the reformer. You will be gaining awareness whilst strengthening your core.

Level 2?

Time to challenge our bodies by adding on and modifying exercises. Every now and again that lovely Jump board and other props will be introduced to increase the challenge.

Level 3?

I like to challenge my Level 3 clients stamina and flow of movement. Expect to be challenged in both mind and body with more dynamic movement choreography. The challenge is in the execution, strength, fluidity and ability to move dynamically.

Please share a fun fact about yourself that your students may not know.

I have performed as a Unicorn, Cat and a Cricket…ah the joys of a dance performance background! Saying that, these experiences now allow for some interesting visual cues in class.

Laurie Schneider is a Reformer and Barre teacher at Platinum Pilates.

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