Week 2 started well but along came the weekend and it all went a bit downhill.

My week has had ups and downs, building a routine has been key to helping me stay on track.

My Breakfast routine have been relatively OK. I’m still not a fan of porridge though. Freshly squeezed orange juice has become a staple everyday and some days I’d have any kind of eggs, except for fried, with a slice of wholemeal toast. I’m also loving muesli with fruit and yoghurt.

Sadly, Lunches are a disaster for me. I have to pick the kids up from school at two different times.  Some days straight after teaching, so by the time I get home it’s nearly time to cook dinner. I always end up having a quick wrap with some tuna or ham and a piece of fruit.

Dinners for the week.


Monday, We had roast chicken with mixed vegetables and a baked potato. I avoided the roasted ones. Tuesday, pasta with homemade tomato sauce and chorizo and a mixed salad. I skipped out on the chorizo. Wednesday, salmon with carrots, leeks and rice. Thursday, we had mixed vegetable soup with homemade chicken goujons and some salad. I had grilled chicken strips, no breadcrumbs for me. On Friday we made homemade pizza, it wasn’t the healthiest, but it was a nice treat.

Saturday was a disaster. I went out with some friends to have lunch and  ended up having some red wine and copious amounts of food, we have to live a little!). Sunday, another disaster. After teaching in Stillorgan, I came home to a lovely roast beef dinner and I couldn’t resist the roast potatoes. Irish potatoes are amazing.

The week hasn’t been the worst, though there is room for improvement. I know I need to eat more fruit and vegetable and  my portions sizes need some work. Small steps!

Exercise and Weight Loss.

Exercise wise, I have managed to do 3 reformer classes. Monday with Will, I nearly died. Wednesday morning with Lisa, such a tough class. I dragged myself out of bed early on Saturday morning for another tough class with Kate. There’s something peaceful and calming about Platinum Pilates in Clonskeagh. I have also managed 2 walks around my local park.

Weight is slightly down again. In two weeks I have lost 1 and a half kilos. Not a huge amount but definitely better than nothing.

I said before I wasn’t a huge fan of gyms. My local one is doing a 3 month offer and I think I might give it a go with some friends. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad idea.

One thing I have noticed this week is that my energy levels are better. The more exercise I do the better I feel. I know it’s hard to get motivated during the winter months, but you’ll definitely feel the benefits.

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