With the countdown to Christmas… what’s your top tip for clients to get them ready for party season?

If your goal is to loose a kilo or two before Christmas, eat clean and healthy, watch your portion sizes and try to stay away from sugar and fats (not the good ones though).

Keep up coming to classes and schedule them in advance. I know there is a lot going on during this season i.e. parties, etc, so try to schedule them in between these.


For someone starting out into fitness would they be better waiting util January to get moving?

I always say if you are ready to start, start now! The sooner the better. In January you could always set yourself some goals but at least you won’t be going to the “unknown”. Starting a new type of exercise could be a bit daunting, but teachers in Platinum are there to help!
And remember to always do something you enjoy or you won’t keep it up.

Top tip to keep stress at bay over the holiday season

Be organised! I always leave everything till the last minute and always regret it. I envy those who do their Christmas shopping early, but I am not that organised and my mind is not geared to Christmas in the middle of the summer.

If you are having people over your house, don’t get too stressed – make them help! You can always get somebody to bring dessert or the starters. We want everything perfect, but if something goes wrong, so what! Relax and enjoy your time with your family or friends around you – at the end of the day they are the most important people in our lives.

If you feel your head is going to explode, drop-in to one of the classes at Platinum and forget about everything for one hour. Pilates is a great de-stressing tool as you are just concentrating on you and your body leaving everything behind you.

Do you eat clean & healthy over Christmas or will you over indulge like the rest of us?

I will over indulge… Being back home in Spain for Christmas always means meeting friends and family, going out for meals, drinking more than usual, etc.
To be honest at the end of the Christmas I am ready and looking forward to clean and healthy eating.

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year

A Fitbit. I always wonder how many steps do I take while teaching. Otherwise, a relaxing enjoyable time with my family and friends back home in Bilbao.
And loose some weight in the New Year!

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