Injuries and a lack of goal setting put me off track for 2017, But I’m back and ready to own 2018.

Over the last 10 years, I have helped many people in creating their goals and achieving them, but unfortunately this year I haven’t put a lot of thought into looking after myself and lost track of my own goals. Due to this, I have gained a lot of unnecessary weight.

I work very well with goals and challenges. Like everyone I need to have a focus. My goal for the start of 2018 is to loose a whopping 12kgs. My current weight today in 112.7kgs and my goal is to get back to 100kg or if possible back to double figures at 99kg. I am really excited to share this journey with you and hopefully motivate a few of you along the way.


Coming back after the Christmas holidays is not easy, especially when I’ve not been as active as I usually would be every week. I plan on taking it back to basics in 2018 and starting back with Level 1 classes. My flexibility has gone tight so I want to work on that too.

Along with taking extra Reformer Classes I plan on hitting the road and get myself running 5km over the next few weeks.

I need to target my bad habits too and food is top of my list. After moving closer to the town, I found myself eating out a lot more. I am now going to stop that and prep food at home to bring with me for lunch. I also have a sweet tooth, chocolate and biscuits are my down fall, so there will be no more of them this side of Christmas.

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