As we enter our third and final month of the Summer Body Challenge, I give you my top reason of why you should take part.

200 people have taken part over the last 2 months with amazing results, so why are you missing out?

We all have a tendency to take it a little bit easier over the summer months and slip out of our good routines, who can blame us with this heat! These endless sunny evenings are too much of a temptress to stay on the wagon and be good, but, as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and Summer is slowly slipping away. That’s why you should jump on this last chance to take part in our Summer Body Challenge.

Get back on the wagon NOW! 

We’ve all had a super summer. Eating out, drinking on the canal, copious after work drinks and endless 99’s, but it’s time to come back to the real world. Don’t put getting back into shape off until September. From there it is only a hop, skip and a jump to the HO! HO! HO! season. Taking part in our Summer Body Challenge in August will give you a 4 week head start on shedding your summer weight. We all get the dreaded fear in September about how badly we undid our good work for the first half of the year, so avoid it and get started now.

It creates Routine. 

Starting the Summer Body Challenge in August will ensure that you are back into your workout routine when those dreary Autumnal evenings roll in. By committing to 28 days, you will have no problem slipping back into your normal 2/3 days a week routine. It will be part of the norm to get out of bed at 6am or bring your bag to work for a lunchtime class.

You’ll get in shape. 

Imagine being the envy of all your office colleagues when you strut into the office in September without a hint of summer blubber. By taking on this challenge you will burn fat, lose weight, tone up, increase your flexibility, increase your energy levels, decrease stress, sleep better, eat better and feel better. Pilates is movement and movement heals! Give you body the treat it deserves, especially if you’ve had a VERY good summer!

You will leave your comfort zone.  

One thing we are all guilty of is staying inside our comfort zone. Routines are nice. Having to take 28 classes will force you to leave the comfort of your regular teacher and studio and venture to someone else. This can be scary but so beneficial to you achieving your goals. Changing teachers and levels will allow you to push yourself a little harder. You will experience different styles and intensity of classes and a variety of new exercises.

The Summer Body Challenge is your best friend for August. The Challenge is only open to 100 participants so set those alarms for early on  Wednesday August 1st. It goes on sale at 9am.

If you want some more information then please email me on

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