Reformer Pilates

The best all around physical & mental conditioning system

Endorsed by Doctors, Physical Therapists, Professional Athletes & Dancers around the world. Pilates is excellent for the rehabilitation of injuries, improving postural problems & relieving chronic pain all over the body.

The Pilates technique was originally created in the early 1900's by Joseph Pilates, and it is still one of the most popular movement techniques in the world today.

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The principals that make Pilates one of the best exercise methods are breath, centering, control, precision and routine.
This technique provides the most optimal balanced environment for your body to successfully function in this busy, stressful world.

Platinum Pilates 900x600-40

Reformer Pilates Level 1

Suitable for clients brand new to Reformer Pilates. This class teaches Platinum Principals while focusing on Flexibility & Optimal Movement. We recommend you take 4-8 Level 1 classes before moving into Level 2.

Reformer Pilates Level 2

Reformer Pilates Level 2

Suitable once you have completed 8 Beginner Level 1 classes - This class introduces core strength exercises while developing flexibility level.
Gill Stacey reformer

Reformer Pilates Level 3

Suitable once you have completed 50 Beginner Level 2 classes consistently without a break - This class develops core strength and optimum flexibility. There is a big jump from Level 2 to Intermediate so discuss your ability with your instructor before you take the plunge.
Carol Grimes exercising

Advanced Reformer Pilates

Only suitable once you have completed a continuous year of classes at Intermediate Level - This class is suitable for clients who have been taking Reformer Pilates regularly for a minimum of 2 years.
Cardio Jump-Board

Cardio Jump-Board

Take your Pilates Training to the next level with our signature Cardio Jump-Board class - this is a HIIT based classed which means it's High Intensity Interval Training done on and off the Reformer with a really motivating playlist to push you along the way. 
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one on one reformer classes

One to One

Our Clinical Pilates Practitioners also work closely with our Chartered Physiotherapists and can work with your condition in a one to one environment. Our practitioners are specially trained in techniques which can help many dysfunctions.
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