I woke up in hospital. What happened? I asked. “You were knocked down by a drunk driver”

I had many injuries but the worst by some distance was a very badly broken leg. I was 16 years old.

22 years later that injury came back to start me on the toughest 3 years of my life.

I had to have corrective surgery on my leg which involved it been rebroken and fitted with an external frame with 18 metal rods.

That was the advice I was given I wanted to continue to walk without a limp!

That was bad enough but I also had to turn screws in my own leg every day to lengthen the leg. It had fixed badly all those years ago and had resulted in it being one inch shorter than the other.

6 months with that frame on – 5 surgeries in total…until it came off. No exercise at all for over 12 months – As someone committed my whole life to staying strong and fit that was a torture in it’s self.

So after the frame came off I felt this could be this start of a pain free world for me. That could not have been further from the truth.

The following 18 months – my entire body went out of alignment – Chronic back pain was the result. No car journey could be longer than 15 minutes. Meals out had to be carefully planned so I could stand.

I went to doctor after doctor. Surgeons and specialists alike all said it’s just what happens sometimes. I had a strong recommendation from a one surgeon to fuse my spine…Really? That was it. That’s my lot!
There was no way I was heading back into the theatre for more surgery.

I resigned myself to a life of pain management. A very low point in my journey. As a Pilates instructor and fitness junkie for over 12 years I could not believe that I had arrived to this point.

So I decided to stop, wait, listen, breathe…

Turning to my first love, learning. I set about researching how Pilates could heal me. And I undertook the most intensive Pilates course I have ever done. It taught me many things. But the most important of all was this. If a body can be healed naturally then Pilates can heal it. With the help of world class Pilates instructors here and abroad I studied and learned and practiced what I learned everyday.

Over and over, went back to the very basics… it was like learning how to walk all over again. Reminding my body slowly that I could be pain free. That this was not my story after all. This did not happen over night and by times I was very frustrated, but it did happen😁

Today – Most days I am pain free and more than ever I love what I do. We all deserve a life free from pain. I come to work everyday to help clients feel strong and well. But most of all I come to work in Pilates because it healed me and I want to help others feel that. It works!! Pilates really can change lives:))

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