Our new class is based in our Stillorgan Studio and will run on Fridays from 5-6pm

The class is suitable for teens from 13-16 years and will be done on the Reformer.

I’ve designed this class with your teen in mind as I have completed my certificate in Pilates For Children. Getting kids to see the value in health & wellness at an early age is the secret both their mental & physical health.

Exercise for teens

Long days spent slumped in school chairs or hunched over laptops and phones can have a long lasting impact on health.

teenager stretchingPoor postural habits are a growing problem for teens and adults alike, but developing these in youth can lead to a lifetime of pain and poor movement dysfunctions.

It is important to tackle bad posture, back or neck pain early on. Pilates specifically targets posture, alignment, core strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

It also reduces the chance of being injured and improves sports performance.

All of today’s top athletes incorporate Pilates in their training regime from the Irish rugby team to Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Pilates promotes balanced muscle development, increases range and control of motion, flexibility and stability in muscles and joints and develops that all important core strength, to enhance athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

It also improves skin tone and circulation.

And it is not just physical benefits that can be obtained from pilates. While it is known that exercise releases the happy endorphins helping to manage moods, pilates also teaches the importance of breathing, a tool that your teen can use to calm themselves in stressful situations (and we all know how stressful it was growing up!) and channel concentration.

Add to that an increased body awareness and a boost in confidence, Pilates is a practice which will benefit your teen for years to come.

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