We are bursting with excitement to share with you the next stage of Platinum Pilates

We have teamed up with some of Ireland’s most accredited & respected Chartered Physiotherapists, Surgeons & Medical Professionals, to bring you PlatinumPhysio.

Whether you are injured, pre or post Surgery, recovering from illness or just got a niggling pain you can shift, we will have the team on hand to treat you, develop a care package for you and set you on the road to recovery in no time.

Our Mission Statement

At PlatinumPhysio & PlatinumPilates we operate the T.E.A.M approach:

Together – Everyone – Achieves – More

That means we’re not just a bunch of physiotherapists claiming to be the best people to fix your back or sort out your injury.

We believe in partnerships where we bring a team of experts together to collaborate on a unique care plan for you, the most important person on our “TEAM”.

We’ll give you all the knowledge & support you need to properly manage your condition so you don’t need to keep coming back to Physio Sessions.

Our TEAM approach means we will get to the root cause of your problem beyond the symptoms

→ Our extensive knowledge of functional anatomy, physiology & biomechanics enables us to identify the underlying causes of your problems –

→ Working with some of Ireland’s top movement practitioners at Platinum Pilates ensures we can improve the speed and effectiveness of your recovery and help limit future occurrences.

What we will offer

  • Treating Injury – Pain – dysfunction or Stiffness
  • Sports Physiotherapy – enhance performance, minimise risk of injury and recover faster
  • Pre & Post Surgery – We create structured Pre & Post Op programs
  • Prehab – Injury Prevention
  • Physioled Pilates
  • Women’s Health – Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Oncology Physio – Post Breast Cancer recovery
  • Corporate Physio

Our Clinics will be running from Rathmines, Sandymount, Leeson Street & Greystones and we will have a full launch at the end of January 2017.

Meet the Team

We’ve just announced further details on PlatinumPhysio – check it out here.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates this Autumn

Our experienced team of instructors understand the body's needs and changes during these diverse phases of motherhood.