Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston

Pilates Instructor

Meet Alan

Alan joined the Team here at Platinum Pilates since October 2017. As a Greystones native, he feels right at home in our Greystones Studio. 

Alan holds international qualifications in a number of disciplines including Sports Therapy, Japanese Osteopathy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Mat & Reformer Pilates, MovNat and Animal Flow.

Always active as a child, Alan knew from a young age that he wanted to do something with fitness and people. He went straight into sports therapy after school. Over the years, Alan continued to research and experiment with different ways of training and treating people, but found the path always lead back to Pilates. He went on to complete a 200 hour Mat Pilates Instructors course and the spark was lit. Seeing huge gains in his clients performance, posture, endurance and conditioning and a significant decrease in the amount of manual therapy required, Alan started to move towards a generalist movement based approach to recovering from and preventing injury. He has subsequently gone on to up skill in both areas and he prides himself on his holistic approach to injury and ill health.

Alan's classes focus on flow, range and depth of movement. He believes in quality over quantity and uses pace, posture, adaptations and resistance to develop strength, resilience and efficient movement patterns in his clients. His classes are influenced by, but not limited to, his experiences with Feldenkrais, Tai Chi, Somatic movement principles, Kinesiology and Martial Arts.

Away from the Studio, Alan is a bit of a study worm, He is always researching and reading, watching videos and listening to podcasts. He works six days a week, but tries to get swimming, running and to the gym as much as he can, always followed up with some chill out sauna time. Having three young kids, the weekends are usually spent watching movies and eating.