Christine Gioia

Christine Gioia

Reformer Pilates
Physical Therapy

A certified classical Pilates mat instructor, taught by Russian Master teacher Katya Kinski in Cape Town, South Africa

Christine Gioia is a Reformer and Mat Pilates teacher with over 5 years teaching experience. She is also a qualified Sports Massage therapist.

Christine strongly believes that in order to improve the quality of a client’s movement patterns, she must deeply understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the body as it moves and simultaneously be able to make those complex concepts accessible to her clients.

Christine's experience has shown that a mix between movement and hands-on physical therapy is often the best approach to managing both chronic physical issues as well as tough new training regimes.

As such, she is completing a full B.Sc degree in Applied Physical Therapy and Health Sciences with a strong emphasis on advanced anatomy and manual therapy techniques.

Her continuous study, and keen eye allows her to programme classes that target and address unhealthy movement patterns, whilst simultaneously lengthening and toning the entire body.

Join Christine on a movement journey, get to know your anatomy, get strong, learn about your body, and take ownership of your human experience. The juicy burn, the toned arms and abs, the endorphin rush... consider that a bonus.