Damy Redmond

Damy Redmond

Brand Manager
Reformer Pilates


Meet Damy, our Brand Manager and Pilates Teacher

Damy joined the team originally as our Ops Manager back in 2016 and shortly afterwards joined the Teacher Team. He has since taken a side step in the company to take over the role of our Brand Manager. 

Coming from a Gymnastics background, Damy was always an active child and the logical step was to take this passion and forge a career in the Fitness Industry as a group Class Instructor and Personal Trainer. As the industry changed and he continued his education he decided to extend his studies and trained as a Physical Therapist. Combining his fitness background with this he has developed passion of corrective exercise and rehabilitation, a path that lead him to Pilates. 

While furthering his education, he seemed to miss the workshop on music, with his playlists being an "unique" mix of Tina Turner, Kylie and One Direction. His approach to teaching is based around his fitness background. He likes clients to walk away from the studio knowing the have done their best. High intensity and challenging, you will certainly feel his classes the day after.  

Life outside of Platinum is never dull. Damy is still involved with his Gymnastics Club and trains twice a week. He still has hopes of taking the "Hopes of a Nation" with him to the Olympics, but no one has the heart to tell him he is far too old! Damy likes to run the Dublin City Marathon every second year and enjoys the smug factor of setting his alarm for as early as 4am and getting his run in before work. A true Mammies Boy, he enjoys spending as much time with his mom as possible and a Sunday lunch with friends.