Dearbhla Mitchell

Dearbhla Mitchell

Reformer Pilates & Barre

Pilates, Ballet, Dance

Dearbhla began training with Platinum Pilates in February 2017, and began teaching the following April.

After completing a BA Hons Degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies at UCD, Dearbhla was certain that she wanted to pursue a more physical career path. Dearbhla began dancing at a young age. That passion stayed with her throughout her time as a student. She performed as a lead soloist with the Monica Loughman Ballet Company and played an active roll in the UCD Dance Society - performing, teaching Ballet technique, choreographing for performances and competitions, and managing the society's public relations.

Dearbhla decided to combine her love of movement and health. She completed the QQI Certificate in Nutrition and the EQF Level 4 National Qualification in Exercise and Health at the National Training Centre. Shortly after passing her exams, Dearbhla was offered a spot on the Platinum Pilates Internship Programme. The rest is history.

Since then, Dearbhla has added other strings to her bow. She has been awarded qualifications in Pre and Post Natal Exercise, Step Aerobics, Indoor Cycling and, most recently, Polestar Pilates Gateway Course.

Dearbhla's focus in class is on teaching clients awareness and control over their bodies with a huge focus on mind-body connection. She hopes for clients to gain a better understanding of how their bodies function and move, so that their everyday lives are pain-free, light and full of energy. For Dearbhla, it's all about functional movement and connecting the physical self to the mind, to strive towards a mind and body that feels healthy and full of life. Clients have described Dearbhla's classes as "challenging but restorative." She believes that challenging the body physically is not a chore, but a way of connecting to what it is to be human, a beautiful process and journey. In Dearbhla's classes, clients push themselves but enjoy "the burn." At the end of every class, you will be asked to close your eyes, rest, and tune into the physical sensations of your body - the heartbeat, heat, stretch, shakes - and reflect on what you've learned and how you'll carry that into your everyday life.

Since making the decision to adopt a vegan diet, Dearbhla has enjoyed visiting many restaurants to sample their vegan menus. Growing up as a "fussy eater," Dearbhla never enjoyed eating and viewed it as a necessity and a chore. Now trying out new foods is one of her favourite hobbies. Check out her Instagram for tips on the best places to eat out and shop as a vegan.

Dearbhla is also a huge fan of music. She enjoys checking out local gigs and loves when clients stay back after class to discuss her playlists.