Elaine Tipple

Elaine Tipple

Reformer Pilates
Advanced Rehab, Womens Health, Pink Ribbon Specialist

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17 years experience in Personal Training & Pilates Training

Following the serendipitous discovery by Milena of Elaine's Professional profile at the gym where she was mainly based, Milena and Will approached her and asked to join their small team of Pilates trainers. Elaine has been a staple with Platinum Pilates since 2010. 

Elaine's career in Pilates evolved quite organically. Beginning almost 20 years ago as a Gym Instruction & Personal Trainer. Elaine has been teaching Pilates since 2003, originally offering it to her clients as an add-on to her personal training service and an alternative way to improve their core strength and general mobility. Nowadays, Pilates is Elaine's full-time career, into which she integrates shades of her Personal Training experience. She really has gone full circle! 

Elaine's passion now lies with educating herself in ways to best utilize Pilates to enhance wellness and support better movement, especially in Women's Health-related issues - Pregnancy, Postpartum, Mid-Life Health, Bone Health, Pelvic Health Dysfunctions. We  see Elaine's role in Platinum Pilates as one which offers clinical support to our Platinum Physiotherapy team, whilst continuing to feature as one of our Group Reformer trainers.

Elaine's style of teaching tends to lean toward the energetic side of the spectrum, with a inclination to be quite technical where and when the technicality is needed! She loves to offer full body workouts, whether she is teaching Level 1 or Level 4 clients, so that everyone leaves class having enjoyed a well-rounded movement experience. Having witnessed the rise in the popularity of Pilates here over the years, Elaine particularly loves how the perception of Pilates has changed from one of middle-aged women stretching on mats, to being one of a workout that can be as dynamically athletic as it can be a mindfully soothing and stretch-focused workout.

Away from the Studio, Elaine has a young family (a 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy), so a lot of their interests determine her extra-curricular interests, Moms and Dads,  you know how it is! Elaine loves hitting the gym for a class or a buddy training session; taking mini-holidays by herself for work-related workshops; watching psychological thrillers, autobiographical or real-life crime documentaries (the interest in which her husband just does not understand) and occasionally hitting up a couple of club nights with her girlfriends for drinks, dancing and seeing life outside the house!

Pilates helps me to slow down! The thing I love most is the connection you feel with yourself during it - that purposeful & controlled movement of your body, and the mental focus required to get each exercise Just Right."

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Maternal Mental Health – The 4th Trimester.

By Elaine Tipple | May 4, 2018

The Campaign aims to increase awareness to, and reduce the stigma of, Maternal Mental Health disorders.

Tipples’s Top Tips – Reformer and Pregnancy.

By Elaine Tipple | Apr 21, 2018

Staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy is part of the journey so here’s my top 5 reasons to choose reformer Pilates. 

Elaine’s Week 3 Was All About The Flu!

By Elaine Tipple | Jan 31, 2018

There was children’s flu, Mom’s Flu, Man’s Flu (need I elaborate any more on that one girls?) and Mom’s Cars’ Flu. 

Elaine is staying on track and keeping focused.

By Elaine Tipple | Jan 18, 2018

 A little more self-organisation was the general theme again for me this week,or is it a touch of procrastination kicking in?!

Elaine’s Spicy Root & Lentil Soup.

By Elaine Tipple | Jan 9, 2018

Quick, inexpensive and so healthy. Gluten free, dairy free, nut free and high in plant based protein, This soup is ideal for vegans and vegetarians too.  

Elaine’s Platinum Transformation week 1 recap.

By Elaine Tipple | Jan 9, 2018

I have to admit, this year I had a relatively quiet Christmas, social-wise, so that definitely helped hinder the Christmas inclination to over indulge! My biggest binge over the festive period is Christmas Day itself. My husband, children & I, do 2 Christmas dinners – Yes, 2!!!.. (- you know, to save hurting familial feelings…

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Elaine Explains why she’s on our Transformation Team

By Elaine Tipple | Jan 3, 2018

The concept of logging the personal journey to a healthier, trimmer and more mobile body, that our clients could draw some inspiration or new knowledge from.

Tipples Top Tips for the Festive Period.

By Elaine Tipple | Dec 18, 2017

I eat healthily probably about 75% of Christmas, because I just can’t bear how yuck I feel when I overdo it!I will enjoy all the trimmings for 2-3 days but then clean up my diet.

Curried Butternut Squash, Lentil Soup & Coconut Soup

By Elaine Tipple | Nov 2, 2017

Super nutritious soup that will help keep you satisfied as you try to lose the last few pounds.

Elaine’s top tips for a new year

By Elaine Tipple | Dec 29, 2016

Sometimes all it takes is some new trainers to get you going and spur you on…

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