Kate Hanlon

Kate Hanlon

Reformer Pilates & Barre

Meet Kate

Kate joined the Platinum family in 2016 after leaving her role as ‘Head Trainer’  with one of London’s top pilates studios. It was through her training and career as a professional dancer that she discovered the benefits of Pilates, and began her journey as an instructor with STOTT pilates in 2013. 

Kate first discovered the amazing benefits of Pilates in 2007, after a knee injury prompted her to incorporate Pilates as a healing exercise into her rehabilitation programme.

Kate comes from an extensive background in professional dance and following a BA in Dance Development, her discovery of Pilates benefits led her to complete her certification in Matwork and Reformer.

Helping people to discover more efficient movement patterns, Kate’s passion lies in bringing consciousness and awareness to movement, and it’s ability to impact on our day to day wellness.

Kate is also ante/post-natal trained and is a certified Pink Ribbon Pilates instructor, specialising in post breast cancer recovery.  

With a love of music and a delight in exploring other cultures through travel, Kate’s interests lie mainly in the simple pleasures in life…good food and good friends. Everything else is a bonus!