Laura Anne Moone

Laura Anne Moone

Reformer Pilates & Barre
Yoga, Dance

Laura Anne's roots stem from a career in the Performing Arts, and Design

Laura Anne has been a part of the Platinum Pilates Team since 2014. Along with her Reformer Classes she also teaches Ballet Barre. 

Growing up within the performing arts, Laura Anne jumped into the world of Costume Design and Styling. Design is essentially problem solving, and the world of TV and Film however creatively fulfilling demands a lot of hours. Her health began to pay the price, and thus the design of her days had to be questioned. This led Laura Anne to Pilates. She has a keen interest in understanding how things work and where better to start with then yourself. Pilates was a drawing board she could embody and rely on, and it became such a passion that stepping into the world of teaching was a natural progression and one which fills her with immense gratitude and pride. 

Laura Anne's classes are designed to challenge comforts zones- what ever the level. Laura Anne is passionate about bringing awareness of the body and how it works, to each client who graces her class. Her aim is to progress and encourage her clients to their full potential. Laura Anne's classes are varied and dynamic drenched with some awesome playlists. 

Not abandoning her Design life totally, Laura Anne still likes to design but is now more mindful of the projects she takes on and the impact that they have on her daily life.  Yoga and meditation are also major passions of hers and she loves how it complements Pilates and that connection and awareness of the space and potential within the self. 

Nature is a hugely important to her and she get out in it as much as she can- be it mountain walks, hikes, meet pals in the park, running or just breathing it in as she go about her day to day. Laura Anne is in constant awe of the lessons it bestows, if we are open to listen.