Sinéad Fitzmaurice

Sinéad Fitzmaurice

Pilates Instructor

Sinéad joined us as part of the Platinum Pilates Internship Programme and started teaching with us in February 2018.

Sinéad’s passion for movement began from an early age. She was brought up in a very active home and was heavily involved in sport throughout her childhood, particularly basketball and athletics, competing at national level in both. She discovered Pilates over 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. It was the first form of slower movement that she had practised and the mind-body connection she experienced in class really appealed to her.

Through her own practise, she enjoys working to achieve a clear mind and a strong healthy body in each class. She loves helping clients to wake up their own mind-body connection and to strengthen their bodies and minds through Pilates.

Sinéad’s belief in the Pilates method grew further when surgery left her body feeling weak and vulnerable for the first time in her life. The strength that she gained from practising Pilates while being kind to her body meant she was hooked for life!

She eventually decided to embark on a career as a Pilates Instructor as she felt she had to share the countless benefits with others. She loves that Pilates can strengthen the body, no matter what body it is – every single body can experience the benefits.

Pilates was the jump-start to Sinéad’s career in the fitness industry, she comes from a background in banking and finance and has made the leap in the last few years. She completed her Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork with the National Training Centre in March 2017 and followed that by completing a Certificate in Reformer before joining our Internship Programme here at Platinum.

Sinéad looks forward to meeting each client and guiding them towards a sense of ease of movement, coupled with a feeling of strength and length in the body and a strong mind-body connection. Her classes are balanced with tough exercises and kind encouragement. Sinéad hopes you will leave every class feeling a few inches taller!

Joseph Pilates said “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” and Sinéad firmly believes in this. Outside of the studio, she is an avid cyclist, on the road and in the mountains and loves boxing, running, hiking, reading and music. She loves the great outdoors and enjoys going home to Mayo whenever she can.