Teresa Laiseca

Teresa Laiseca

Reformer Pilates

Teresa likes to challenge her students!

Originally from Spain and having spent 12 years in London, Teesa landed in Platinum Pilates in June 2016.

Teresa originally studied Marketing in Spain but decided to move to London. Here she worked in marketing for several years but ended up doing graphic design.

Her passion for movement started at an early age with ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. Like most people, Teresa discovered Pilates as a way of helping her to recover and rehabilitate a cruciate ligament injury while in London.

After moving to Dublin, She continued to work in Graphic Design. The 9-5 job wasn't for her and she decided to pursue what she is passionate about and trained as a Mat and Reformer teacher. She has  also recently completed her Polestar Comprehensive Course (chair, barrel, spine corrector, trapeze table, mat and reformer).

Teresa likes to challenge her clients with a mixture of classical and contemporary Pilates moves and making clients feel safe and comfortable. Teresa also tries to give as much individual attention as she can in a group environment.

Teresa's aim is that at the end of the class, the clients feel better, longer, stronger and energised.

Outside the studio you'll probably see Teresa outside with her two children and her husband (weather permitting). She also loves travelling, reading, listening to music, contemporary dance, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

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Teresa's Blog

Teresa’s Tasty Thai Pumpkin Soup

By Teresa Laiseca | Oct 23, 2018

As Halloween fast approaches, I love seeing pumpkins appear on the supermarket shelves. The kids love carving spooky faces into them! 

Teresa’s Side Defining Favourites.

By Teresa Laiseca | Sep 3, 2018

If you play tennis, golf or any sports that require rotational and flexion movement, make sure you strengthen and stretch those “obliques”.


Teresa’s Tasty Chicken and Chorizo Paella.

By Teresa Laiseca | Aug 22, 2018

Being back home in Spain for few weeks gives me a chance to reconnect with my Spanish cooking. 

Teresa’s Tasty Mango, Pomegranate & Mixed Nuts Salad.

By Teresa Laiseca | Jun 29, 2018

With this hot weather, I always find I want something light to eat. The thoughts of standing over a hot cooker in this weather are not appealing.

Teresa’s Tasty Summer Falafels.

By Teresa Laiseca | Jun 7, 2018

Since doing the “Platinum Operation Transformation” in January, I’ve been looking for quick lunch options to keep me on track.
I make up a batch of these at the weekend and freeze them. That way I have a supply for the week. 

Pilates and Me, Teresa’s Story.

By Teresa Laiseca | May 18, 2018

My Journey into Pilates started like most people, with an injury.

Teresa Tackles Week 4 With Mixed Results.

By Teresa Laiseca | Feb 9, 2018

As week 4 of the Platinum Transformation kicks off , I’m 100% positive I want to continue this journey.

Teresa Tells All About Week 3, Small Steady Steps!

By Teresa Laiseca | Jan 26, 2018

3 weeks in and knowing I still have a long way to go, I feel like I am making progress.

Teresa Tells All About Her Week 2.

By Teresa Laiseca | Jan 19, 2018

Week 2 started well but along came the weekend and it all went a bit downhill.

Teresa tells all about her Transformation Week 1.

By Teresa Laiseca | Jan 11, 2018

Week one hasn’t been as successful as I was hoping to be. New Year’s day started a little bit dazed from the previous night, so it was a write off.