Damy’s Summer Body Challenge – First 7 Days!

With Summer Drawing to a close, the realization I was over indulgent kicked in. It was time to do something.

With the last chance to take on the Summer Body Challenge rolling in, now was my time to practice what I preached!

I’ve gladly sat by for the last 2 months and watched 200 other clients take on our Summer Body Challenge thinking “fair play” as I reached for the next packet of digestive biscuits. It was then, realizing that as summer draws to a close, my own summer body was yet to appear. There was no way I could let this one pass me by. When Elaine and Victoria said they were doing the challenge, I knew I had to step up and take one for the boys!

Let’s begin! 

frozen shoulder physioScheduling the first 2 weeks of classes, I was beginning to feel the smugness flowing through my veins. I knew I was going to be insufferable. My first class was with Sinead. If that was how the next 30 days was going to go I was ready to tag out then! It was awesome and a great change from how I normally train. I left feeling sore but energized so decided I had enough energy for a second workout at gymnastics that night. Mistake number 1!

Day 2 started with Teresa’s advanced class at 9.30am. After being assured “I’d be fine” I quickly learned that Teresa tells fibs! I struggled through that class and at one stage wasn’t sure if it was tears or sweat I was wiping away!

Friday, feeling far too smug, I ran first thing in the morning, Mistake number 2. Sinead was the teacher of choice and it seemed legs were her muscle of choice. For anyone who has every done my class, I apologize for all those lunges now! By day 4 with Kate, everything was hurting! On a positive note, the muscle soreness I was feeling was a different type of soreness. I usually get the “gym DOMS” where the pain is localized into one area but this pain was different. While I was stiff and sore, I also felt I was freer in other areas.

Sunday and Monday were the 2 days I chose to take off, I was away west and feeling very smug decided a run was the best thing to do. Mistake number 3. After getting somewhat lost, my 20k run turned into 27k. There’s the karma for being too smug!

Tuesday, I was in with Gill. Safe to say if I never see another Reformer burpee I’ll be delighted! Wednesday was an early start (6am!) with Lynda. Such a treat of a class. Perfect to end the first week.

Rounding off the first 7 classes.  

The main thing I’ve learned is that Pilates instructors cannot count. I know I am brutal at keeping count but I have found comfort knowing that my fellow team mates are just as bad (looking at you Gill!). Maybe it’s time to do a staff training module on counting to 10.

I’ve also learned I need to move my body better. I am a lazy “worker outer”. I tend to not spend much time on technique when I am doing my own training. It’s just a bad habit that I can’t seem to shift but doing so many classes so regularly has made me really stop and think about how I move. Training for the marathon has me moving on one plane. Coupling it with the Reformer Classes I know it will make a difference.

Focusing on slow controlled movements is a real challenge for me but even after only 7 days I am feeling a difference. I feel looser in my back and shoulders and my glutes are certainly firing now when I run.

With 21 classes left to do back to back, I am expecting big things. I’m also thinking I will be unbearably smug come the end of August!


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