Christine’s countdown to Christmas

Ahead of party season, Christine shares her top tips!

Envisioning yourself in your Christmas party outfit is quite a big motivator, although, I mentioned this in class a week or so ago whilst doing abs and we all had a good laugh when one client said ‘my Christmas outfit is probably going to be an apron’.

I have the added bonus that I’m getting married in March and want to look my best before then so I’m quite excited to take on Milena’s sugar free challenge and would recommend you all do the same.

Christine stretching

For someone starting out into fitness would they be better waiting until January to get moving?

Definitely not, there’s no time like the present and delaying things in your head just makes them seem like mountains rather than molehills when you eventually do tackle them. Don’t over think working out, just put your sweats on and walk out the door and that’s the hardest part done.

Top tip to keep stress at bay over the holiday season

Make time for yourself to chill out and do something you enjoy. Be realistic, this might be making an epic Christmas playlist or baking something healthy. Make sure you take time to sweat as well – our Athletic Conditioning classes will reboot you if you’re feeling sluggish and keep the stress levels in check whilst keeping those endorphins running high.

Do you eat clean & healthy over Christmas or will you over indulge like the rest of us?

I feel like I need to say this publicly. I’m honestly determined not to turn into a Christmas pudding this year. So with Santa as my witness and his elves guarding the mince pies – watch this space come January.

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year…?

I really really really want one of these Ethicool bags from Miomojo – they’re animal friendly bags and 20% of proceeds go to saving moon bears!