She’s making a list and checking it twice!

What is your top tip for getting ready for Party Season?

My tip is simple – keep an eye on your water intake, and aim for at least a minimum of 1.5 litre fresh water a day, complimented with other sources of (caffeine-free) fluids. I definitely know my water intake slides over the winter months. My coffee intake increases for sure as I need that extra kick-start on the dark mornings, and the warmth of cappuccinos on the cold days!

Inevitably I will notice my energies are flagging, my skin & hair are looking dry and those damn wrinkles are showing again around my eyes!! A hydrated body is more vibrant and energetic and doesn’t need sugar or caffeine hits to get through the day. Also, hydration helps a body recover from the rich festive eating & drinking a lot of us indulge in.

I also take / recommend taking, a Vitamin B complex and / or Vitamin D supplement to stave the winter blues and help energies too.

Wait for January or start now?

Absolutely start now. Why be part of the big herd in January when you can be one step ahead of the them?! Also, I believe if you have really committed to your fitness & nutrition programme in the lead up to Christmas, you are less likely to lose the run of yourself during the Party season. January is a long – and let’s face it, depressing – month without subjecting yourself to harsh diets and gruelling exercise workouts to counter the indulgences of 2-3 weeks.

Elaine Christmas tips

Tips for Keeping Stress at bay during Christmas

Be organised! – like Santa, make your list (of things), Check it twice, Be Done, Be Happy (but don’t Be Smug – because that’s not nice!)
Do something that will help calm the nervous tensions or stress levels, but which yields energy at the same time – like getting out for a short brisk walk.

If you don’t have the time even for a brisk walk, try this – it never fails! Stand outdoors for a minute, look up at the sky, take a few deep breaths. Simply lifting open your ribs, filling your lungs and seeing the sheer expanse above you will calm you down and help your perspective.

Allow yourself to indulge in the fineries of the season – great festive food, a social tipple here and there (if it is your thing) but maintain a balance!

Do you eat clean at Christmas?

What?? – and miss out on the seasonal specials from Mammy & Mammy-in-Law’s kitchens?! Not a chance!. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I can bypass the chocolates etc but I love great home cooking and especially fabulous traditional Christmas dinners, desserts we have on our family get-togethers.. And there is a ‘no-diets allowed’ rule applied on the Girls nights out.. Other than that, yes I am virtuous to a point and keep myself in check!

Top of your Christmas wish list

The last few years I have been very practical and I usually ask for an Aer Lingus gift voucher as I inevitably have some workshops / courses to travel for over the following year.
A ‘KNOMO’ Power Purse (to match the KNOMO tote I got for my Birthday) – it has a phone charger within the purse so I am never stuck short of iPad or phone charge!

NEOM Organics ‘Tranquil’ Diffusers or candles for my bedrooms – they help lull our house to sleep each night, and I definitely believe in their calming effect on the sense when winding down in the evenings.