What are the things that you do to make sure you look and feel your best in the run up the the Summer?

Yo-yo diets don’t really work for me as the weight I quickly loose, I tend to put it on again (the struggle of my life!). What works for me is cutting on simple carbohydrates, reducing the portion sizes and drinking lots of water.

Do you follow any particular diet plan?

I’ve never been too good with my diet plans to be honest, but we try to eat a varied and healthy diet. Most of us know what is good or bad for us and that we should watch the portion sizes.

As a person born in the Basque Region in Spain, I love fish. I always find strange and fascinating how Dublin has a lack of fishmongers. Even in the city centre. Some weekends we go to Howth and stock-up.

I love cooking when I have time and I tend to make a few dinners and freeze them so I know my kids are eating something home-made the evenings I’m teaching.

How do you stay motivated all the time?

I find it hard to keep motivated specially during the winter months or evenings as I am a morning person. As human beings do, I try to find excuses (too tired, too cold, too hot, etc).

I always tell myself go and exercise no matter what, and after it you’ll feel much better, with a lot more energy. I try to think about all the benefits of exercising.
And if I don’t make it to class, oh the guilt!

I find it really helps me when I book my classes well in advance so I can plan ahead and my mind is already set for them.

What advice do you have for someone struggling to get started on a health kick?

It’s never too late to start! The beginning is the hardest, but when you start seeing results you’d feel amazing! And health is not only about being thin, but about keeping a healthy and varied diet, being active and keeping those muscles (including your heart) and bones moving. The benefits are unbelievable.
Do something you really like otherwise you won’t keep it up. Personally I’m not a gym fan and I’ve always enjoyed movement based exercise ie. Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Pilates.

If you are working full-time and commute to work, get-off a stop or two earlier and walk, and if you don’t like exercising in the evenings, try to fit your classes during the lunch hours. And begin setting yourself a small achievable goal, don’t aim too high to begin with.

What does a typical day in your life look like.

At the moment I am still working as a full-time Graphic Designer. I get up at around 6, have breakfast while the house is quiet – I love those 20 minutes on my own before our two children (4 and 7) wake up, get the kids’ lunches ready, tidy-up (I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to tidiness – ask my husband!), get the kids ready, give them breakfast and go.

During my lunch break, I try to fit as many Pilates classes as I can. As I work in town I tend to go to Platinum in Leeson Streetn at lunchtime, I cycle to it and back (if you work a bit far from it, join the Dublin Bikes scheme).

I teach some evening and weekend classes, and soon enough I’ll be full-time with the Platinum crew so watch this space.

If I’m not teaching I try to spend as much time as possible with my husband and children. We tend to be outdoors as I love seeing my children stocking up on vitamin D, playing and discovering.

I really enjoy meeting friends, cooking, reading (although it’s a difficult task these days), and traveling. We tend to go back home to Bilbao to see my parents, sisters and friends – after 22 years away, I still miss them!

Teresa Laiseca is a Reformer Pilates instructor with Platinum Pilates.