Real Time With Victoria Maughan

We thought we would bring you a little insight into the things that help Platinum Pilates Teachers to stay motivated, healthy & full of life.

So next up we meet Victoria who is a Mum of three gorgeous kids and we learn how she fits exercise & health into her hectic schedule

Victoria Maughan

What are the things that you do to make sure you look and feel your best on the run up the the Summer?
There’s nothing nicer than the evenings getting longer and knowing summer is on the way. With that also brings the fear of getting out of being dressed from head to toe in black and being entirely covered!

There’s nothing better than the feeling of body confidence from a bit of hard work as the sun starts to shine so picking up my exercise game around March time is where I start. I try to bring more cardio into the equation and love to get out and run.

I try and sign myself up for a 10km for April / May so that gives me the little kick I need! I wouldn’t be the most natural of runners so it’s amazing how much stronger my body is after the years of regular Pilates.

Do you follow any particular diet plan?
Not really! I love food but try and be as healthy as I can during the week. But am a total believer in balance – so my weekends are where I let myself eat what I like – and that can often be too much!

If I’m trying to be really good ahead of a holiday I’ll cut out all snacking, 3 meals a day and try not to eat later than 6/7pm.

How do you stay motivated?
I think this can be a tricky one! I get myself into a zone and am doing well and suddenly I’ll find myself knee deep in brownies and starmix 🙈! This is where the balance thing I was talking about above is key!

I recently had a weeks holiday where I did very little exercise and probably wasn’t the healthiest food wise. But what I found was that I came back feeling super relaxed and wanting to jump back into eating healthy and getting in lots of exercise.

So giving yourself a little break here and there is no big deal – as long as it’s not too long! I think with the clock going forward and evenings getting longer there nothing more motivating to get out there and enjoy the longer evenings!

What advice do you have for someone struggling to get started on a health kick?

It’s really important to give yourself the best start you possibly can when starting out. So going hell for leather on the healthy eating and sticking to your exercise plan. People always go on about food prep and id love to say I’m that organized – but I’m not! But there are so many healthy eating options out there now that there really is no excuse if you’re dedicated!

There is no bigger motivator than seeing results in your own body!

What does a typical day in your life look like.

Think I’ve answered this before! But it’s generally mayhem – like everybody else out there. Kick day off at 5.45 usually. Once kids all off to school, I either teach some classes, participate in them or head out for a run. Then it’s kiddy mayhem til bedtime.

With the longer evenings there is nothing nicer than a walk down Dun Laoghaire Pier – and if I’m feeling bold, followed by a Teddys Ice Cream 😍 🍦