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Breath Works At Platinum Pilates

Learn to improve your breathing function to benefit your health and improve performance in all areas of your life ...

Pilates Has Evolved …

Health & Fitness is about being the best version of yourself and not a consumer comparison to someone else's Instagram page. Platinum Pilates has evolved into more than just a killer ab workout ...

Rewards at Platinum Pilates 2018.

Joseph Pilates said “In 10 sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body” With a New Year, comes new ideas. Here at Platinum Pilates HQ, we have decided to change the way we reward you guys. Out with the old system that was…
acupuncture treatment image

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Physiotherapy: Stimulating the Body’s DIY Repair Kit

The days of seeing Acupuncture as some kind of woolly hocus pocus are pretty much over, thankfully. There now exists a growing body of scientific research that has examined the effectiveness of Acupuncture on various conditions. So, if your Physiotherapist employs these techniques, it doesn’t mean she is a new age flower child or even…

Sophie Says, Week one was Hell.

With the Flu hanging around, I didn't get into as many classes as I had wanted too

Teresa tells all about her Transformation Week 1.

Week one hasn’t been as successful as I was hoping to be. New Year’s day started a little bit dazed from the previous night, so it was a write off.

Pilates – The Modern Day Pill Making Life A Little Easier ….

The Aftermath of Christmas Can Leave Us Feeling Wiped, Underwhelmed & A Little Down In Dumps ... Not to worry - Pilates Has Your Back

Platinum Physiotherapy

Our approach is very simple and whilst our primary goal is to aleviate acute symptoms - ultimately we strive to ensure that your symptoms do not return.
Vegan Food

Jess’s Guide To A Very Vegan Christmas Dinner Made Easy.

With more people turning to meat free and vegan diets Christmas dinners have seen a change from the traditional Turkey and ham. Chick peas, aubergines & tofu are now staples on many dinner tables across the country.

#sophiesays….Sophie’s top tips for Christmas.

First up is the always awesome Sophie, also known as #sophiesays with her wise words for surviving the festive period. 
new years eve champagne

4 ways to stay on track over the Christmas period

If you pay a little attention to your wellness over the Christmas period, having the odd blow out won’t be the end of the world!
mo farah pilates

Why you might find your ‘Sir Mojo’ in a pilates class environment.

I believe potential only accounts for a small percentage of what is necessary to become a successful athlete, whether you are striving for Olympic gold medals or just trying to improve your fitness
summer sounds

Christine’s Luscious Summer Sounds

If you've got Spotify dip into some of Christine's favorite summer playlists here!

​Ditch​ing​ the single use plastic cups

Our studios will be selling bottled water that you can refill and reuse, or bring along your own water bottle.
Will Byrne on his bike

Ditching Sugar – One Platinum Teacher That Needs No Encouragement

Will tells us why he has never allowed refined sugar to control him and believes that moderation is the key to a happy healthy life.
vegetables for dinner

5 things that happen when you quit sugar

For anyone who has a sweet tooth or needs a daily sugar fix to beat the mid day slump, we know it’s not easy to kick the habit.