You’ve spent all year working towards a goal and now you’re looking your very best..

…but lets not sabotage all that hard work with mindless eating & drinking. If you pay a little attention to your wellness over the Christmas period, having the odd blow out won’t be the end of the world if you follow these tips…

1. Hydrate before a big night out

One of the biggest downsides of partying hard is the banging headache and hangover like feeling of the day after. Often these symptoms are made worse by the fact you are dehydrated as alcohol is a diuretic. Coupled with rich or salty food no wonder your insides feel like the Sahara Desert.

new years eve champagne

One of the best tricks is to ensure you are fully hydrated before the big night and if you really want to party like a pro – adding a diorite to your evening will help keep all your salts in check before you begin.

2. Exercise every day

Just like brushing your teeth – exercise should be part of your every day routine all year around. We don’t expect to see you in class on December 25th – but we do recommend you get out for a walk, go for a run or do a few stretches at home every day over the Christmas week.

Exercise is what your body craves, it loves to move and just because it’s party season don’t fall out of your daily habit.

Top of the mountain

3. Catch up on some well earned sleep

We think Christmas is the perfect time to catch up on some well earned sleep – with late nights and the stress on the run up to Christmas, often lack of sleep can make things feel a whole lot worse. Use the party season as a time to get a little extra sleep and reap the benefits in the new year.

4. Ring in a new year of Health and Wellness!

When it comes to food – don’t beat yourself up if you plan on over indulging but set a time limit and get back on track as soon as possible so that the holiday week doesn’t now roll into the holiday month.

January is a great time to get back into a new way of health and wellness so make sure your partying ends on Dec 31st so you’re ready to ring in the new year of health & wellness with us.

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