5 things that happen when you quit sugar

Like all bad habits – sugar is one that can be beaten!

If you have decided to kick start your Summer workouts by ramping up your Pilates routine and you are one of the lucky few who scored one of our Month of Unlimited Classes, then you will know that exercise alone wont do the trick.  If you are putting in the hours in the studio, you are going to want to see results and at Platinum Pilates, we know that nothing helps your toned body appear more than cutting down on refined sugars. And for anyone who has a sweet tooth or needs a daily sugar fix to beat the mid day slump, we know it’s not easy to kick the habit.

But the great news is that our sugar addiction is purely a bad habit that, like all bad habits with a bit of perseverance and endurance we can surely shake off.


And while the first few days can be hellish – a couple of days in you will begin to notice changes that will make you see you’re on the right track.

You’ll get a banging headache between 24-72 hours after ingesting your last sugar hit

That’s right, the body will signal withdrawal symptoms in the first couple of days signalling your reliance on your daily sweet treat. Not that we are celebrating having a thumping head ache, it’s interesting to acknowledge the body’s real and actual response to giving up refined sugar.

The good news is, it usually passes after 24 hours and you can help alleviate the symptoms of headache by drinking lots of water and using aromatherapy oils like Lavender to help.

You’ll Sleep Like A Baby

By quitting refined sugar before you sleep you’ll avoid the sharp rise which is followed by a dip and that can disturb your sleep pattern. The problem with a sugar low when you sleep, is that the hormone that regulates glucose levels, stimulates the brain, causing you to wake.

After a couple of days sugar free you will get much more quality sleep and you may even find that you wake before your alarm feeling refreshed and ready to get up, rather than the need to hit the snooze button.

You’ll have sharper brain function & memory

When you give up sugar you move away from having sugar highs and lows and your blood sugar levels become more consistent and less erratic. When you constantly have a high intake of sugar your mind and memory can feel foggy while the brain is always looking for it’s next hit.

If you remove the source of highs and lows, the brain can normalise and work on a much sharper level.

Your appetite for vegetables and whole natural foods increase

…and they actually taste better – yay who doesn’t love a great tasting head of broccoli…no joke – when you give up sugar your taste buds adjust and you become more sensitive to sweet things. So the more you persevere the easier it gets.

Fruit and Veg

You’ll finally start to drop the pounds

There is no doubt that for sugar addicts, who kick the habit and go cold turkey, any extra weight they might be carrying particularly around the tummy, waist or thighs, will start to diminish.

The effects of less sugar intake on your insulin production will dramatically affect the way you use and store fat. Reducing the volume and frequency of insulin production will help the body use fat stores for energy resulting in weight loss.