5 tips to keep you Fit & Healthy when you’re stuck at the desk all day

We know that sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health but sometimes its unavoidable

So we have put together our list of wellness tricks to keep you supple, mobile & healthy and the best part is you can do them at your desk.

1. Every 20 minutes you should change your sitting position
Get up from you seat – reach your hands over head & take 10 deep breaths in & out. This will get the blood flow circulating in your body & the breathing exercise will get movement in your spine as well as help to decrease stress levels. You’ll be able to concentrate a bit more on what ever task you’re working on.

2. Take a Tennis ball or Franklin Ball, remove your shoes and roll it under your feet, one at a time for about 5 minutes each foot. Roll it back and forward, side to side, along your toes and circle around your heal.

The massage like effect you get from this exercise will stimulate the messages from your feet to your brain and back again. This increase message signalling is like upgrading the software of your body. Your feet will feel amazing and you will feel really refreshed al day.

3. Stretch At Your Desk
Every hour get your spine moving into flexion, extension, lateral flexion & rotation – See our instgram clip on this short sequence you can do at you desk. It doesn’t take long and moving your spine in all directions is one of the best things you can do to keep your discs hydrated and your spine pain free.

4. Get moving at lunch time
If you have to spend your working day sitting at the desk – you should really make use of your lunch break – even a 15 minute walk out in the fresh air or on the treadmill will get the blood circulating, the joints mobile & the body refreshed.

Even better, why not get a group of colleagues together and organise a group Pilates or Movement Class in your office. It’s the best way to spend your lunch hour and you will be extra productive upon the return to your desk.

5. Find your best sitting posture.
Sitting up straight is not always the key the a better sitting posture.

Adjusting your posture so that you can maintain a healthy spine while sitting at the desk means that you need to understand how the body works and how posture is not static, rather a dynamic stability throughout the body and its achieved when all the systems are balanced and an adequate amount of pressure means ideally tailored to the existing situation, using the least amount of compression to guarantee stability.

Pilates, Movement & Franklin Method Classes

By taking Pilates, Movement & Franklin Method Classes, you will learn to become more aware of your body and how to use your body to create a good sitting environment.

To find out more about our corporate wellness programs & workshops in your workshops – get in touch