Breath Works – Discover why training your breathing pattern can dramatically improve your health …

Breathing is essential to survival – that’s not new information,  yet we don’t tend to give breathing much thought or attention until something goes wrong with our health.

Breathing is also involved in areas of your life you may not even consider like speech production, modulating abdominal pressure which is necessary for movement, birthing and stability. Your health can be compromised when you don’t breath properly.

But did you know your lifestyle affects how well you breath. 

Tension, Poor Posture and Negative thought patterns can alter the effectiveness of your breath pattern.

One of the best ways to train your breathing systems is to learn and understand your own anatomy.

You breath 20000 times a day but do you ever give thought to the muscles that help you do this?

We’re often way more interested in training muscles like the abs or the glutes that give us an aesthetic advantage but the muscles that really influence your health are the unseen.

Understanding how breathing works is the secret to to gaining better health.

Some of the incredible outcomes you can expect when you spend some time working on your breath pattern are:

Improved Posture

Reduce Tension

Increase Flexibility

Reduce Stress

Improved coordination and core strength

Watch out for more Franklin Method Workshops by Platinum Pilates Co-founder, Milena Jaksic-Byrne. Discover the incredible power of understanding your breath for better health & performance.