Why Drinking Water Is More Than Just A Healthy Habit

We all know we’re supposed to drink at least two litres of water in every day – so why do some of us find it harder than others to get our daily requirement?

It’s like any healthy ritual I guess.  Unless you absolutely love drinking water and are in the habit, it can sometimes feel like a chore which means you’re not going to be motivated to keep it up.

Most of us love to see the fruits of our healthy habits quickly.  For example when we clean up our diet or increase the volume of exercise we take, we often have a tangible benefit such as our jeans feeling more loose or the scales moving in the right direction.

But when it comes to drinking more water, even though the physical benefits may not present themselves initially, it is ultra important to keep working at it and here’s why…

It increases energy and reduces fatigue

A body & mind that is dehydrated can be foggy and leave you feeling lethargic and sometimes reaching for a caffeine or sugar fix to boost your energy levels.  Water is a natural & instant energy booster that has no calories, no additives and does not wreak havoc with your blood sugar.

The brain is highly influenced by hydration and studies show that even mild dehydration can affect memory & concentration levels dramatically.

It aids weight loss

Studies have shown two reasons why drinking more water can increase weight loss.  One is that if you drink more water, particularly before dinner, you will feel more full and be inclined to eat less calories.

The other study looked at the actual effect of drinking water on the metabolic rate and showed that in those who drank more water, they enjoyed increased metabolism up to an hour after drinking.

sparking water is healthy for you

Water – so important when helping our bodies to heal, renew & rejuvenate

It improves your digestive system

Your body has its own very sophisticated plumbing system … Imagine the plumbing system in your own house, without a constant supply of water things get clogged up as they do in your body. Your complex digestive system needs water to keep it flowing & functioning.

Your kidneys thrive when they have a good supply of water and they need it to do their amazing job of filtration.  Excreting what the body doesnt need and maintaining what it does.  When the body is dehydrated this system in particular is compromised.

It improves your skin health

The body consists of up of 70% water and our skin is our largest organ in our body.  It helps to regulate body temperature and keeping the body hydrated with help the renewal of cells in the skin.

drink more waterAs a mechanism of health the body has the ability to heal, renew & rejuvenate when put in an optimal environment. For the skin to do this it needs plenty of water.

Apart for the health benefit of drinking more water, hydrated skin can also reduce the appearance of fine lines, its a win win on this one.

So if that’s not enough to motivate you to get your 2 litres per day in … why not try sparkling water as an alternative, add some lemon or lime to your water to create a bit more flavour or even try adding some cucumber, fresh mint or even raspberries to large flask with water and carry around for a refreshing drink to keep you hydrated all day long.

My new favorite refreshing drink is sparkling water with a squeeze of lime, delicious & really hydrating too.