Elaine’s top tips for a new year

Be Winter Sales Savvy and buy new workout gear & footwear!

I definitely believe I am spurred onward in my New Years resolve by donning new threads and trainers. New workout apparel and accessories mirror the freshness the New Year signifies.

Commit to making maximum 2 – 3 positive lifestyle changes

…and establish them over the 8 – 12 weeks that lead up to Springtime. Averaging 1 positive change per month, makes the new behavioural change less intrusive to our lifestyles; and makes the goals for change much more achievable. Maybe add an extra exercise session each week, or try something new.

Encourage others on their New Years fitness quests

We all know someone else who undertakes to get healthy or fit(ter) come January 1st each year. Jump on their bandwagon, and encourage them all the way! I always believe the Encouragement of others begets self-motivation to improve oneself also! #spreadthelove

Stockpile Stews & Soups

January, in Ireland – often cold, bleak, wet and we are all broke from the Christmas spend! Homemade one-pots, soups and stews, are fantastic value on our thinned-out wallets, when we are counting down the days to January payday! Also, they are so nutritious, hearty and filling for both young and old bellies, that we can make our healthy diet kickstarts a family affair!

Bin the Sweet goods

Like literally, whatever is still lying around under the Christmas tree, or stuffed away into presses etc, BIN IT. No good can come of you stuffing your face with the remnants of Cadburys Heroes, Bassetts Allsorts or those luxury biscuits!!

Happy New Year 2017 everyone & see you in class soon!