Are employers doing enough to combat lower back pain?

Introducing our Corporate Wellness package

At Platinum Physiotherapy, our Motto is prevention is more important than cure. Our aim is to empower our clients to prevent dysfunction and injury before it has become an issue for both the patient and their employer.

  • In the US alone LBP (lower back pain) costs amount to over one billion dollars per year in medical expenses.
  • 30,600,000 staff sick days were taken in 2013 in the UK alone due to musculoskeletal conditions, 60% of those work-related illnesses are as a result of LBP.

Your employees’ work related and non-work related injuries / dysfunctions are undoubtedly impacting on their quality of life, movement and work place productivity.

At Platinum Physiotherapy, we will use our in-depth assessment techniques to not only identify the cause of current injury and pain but to also prevent further dysfunction with hands on treatment and lifestyle management.

Platinum Pilates class workplace

Some of the common work place musculoskeletal injuries which cause absenteeism in the working environment include NSLP, Spinal Disc prolapse, Sciatica, RSI (repetitive strain injury), Tennis elbow, Frozen shoulder, Whiplash, sporting injuries, Shoulder impingement.

Our team of physiotherapist are specialists in Neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction making them ideal to manage these injuries and most importantly prevent further re-occurrence.

What do we offer as part of our Corporate Physiotherapy package?

  • Preferential rates for your staff in one of our bespoke clinics.
  • Satellite Clinics in your offices or place of work
  • Prehab Assessment/screening:
  • Medically led Pilates classes
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • On-site educational workshops
  • Massage
  • Generic Health and fitness screening
  • Wellbeing events

Get in touch with us for information on our Corporate Wellness Packages.

Ben Doyle is a Specialist Neuromusculoskeletal Chartered Physiotherapist & Clinical Lead at Platinum Physiotherapy.