Finding time for yourself – Teresa’s day in the life

Sometime it can be quite challenging trying to juggle life, specially when you have children. Every parent knows!

I normally wake up at around 6am and try to make a little time for myself before they get up (although usually means 5 minutes or less as they are early birds).

I am not very organised and normally get distracted reading in the mornings, meaning I am always rushing out the door to be in time for school. I know it’s something I should work on – I’ve been saying it for the last 8 years.

The mornings I teach, a friend helps with the drop-ins to school and head to one of the studios to teach and when I am off, I tend to go to a class myself – it’s my me time!

I find Pilates a great way to clear my mind and a brilliant all body workout. I always feel energised after a class – I need it when the children finish school.

After collecting them, it’s either time to go for a walk or bring them to any after school activities they might have.

If I teach in the evenings, we tend to go home straight after, do homework and cook dinner before my husband arrives from work so they can have an early dinner and go outside for a walk to stock on vitamin D or play before bedtime.

One thing I have learnt through the years is the importance to have time for yourself. Whether it’s a run, walk, reading, a Pilates class or whatever activity you might do.

So give yourself a little bit of “me time” – we all need it and deserve it.

And by all means, come and join one of our classes! There’s a timetable and a workout to suit everyone.