Forward head posture – why it’s so important to avoid

Headaches, muscle pain and more can easily be avoided with good posture

You may often hear the Platinum team reinforce and encourage “lengthening the back of the neck”, “engaging the deep neck flexors”, “put a peach under your chin”, or “make sure not to let the head hang or overarch”.

It seems like such a slight instruction but the position of your head has huge repercussions on your posture and of course, your spine. As part of my physical therapy course over the past weekend I learned a lot about posture and one fact in particular shocked my socks off and I felt I had to share it with the Platinum fam.

Good posture

Simple adjustments can make all the difference

Basically in a nutshell, for every inch that your head is forward, your neck (aka the vertebra of your neck) are under the additional force of one extra head. This ratio continues as your head goes more forward. 1 inch: 1 extra head.

The head could weigh up to 5kg’s (or up to the weight of a bowling ball), that means if your head is 2 inches forward that’s an additional 2 heads or 10kg’s of pressure on the beautiful vertebra of the neck.

This can cause headaches, muscle pain, bad posture and more.

Simple awareness can really help here, if you’re in the car, use your headrest, think about the position of your neck and correct yourself constantly until you become more aware of your neck.

My favourite piece of imagery to use is to imagine keeping a peach under my chin, lengthening through the crown of my head and not let the peach fall, no matter what.

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