Kate’s top tips for the new year!

The New Year is a great time to sit down and have a think about where you’re at right now and where you’d like to be in the not too distant future.

New Year’s Resolutions are made and set upon with enthusiasm and gusto, only to find that by the middle of February they are a distant thought, long forgotten. Here are my top 5 tips to kick off the New Year successfully.

Make a plan

Making a New Year’s resolution is a great start, but if you want to be successful then make a plan of action. Do you want to lose weight? Exercise more? Take up a new hobby or activity? Well then figure out how you’re going to make that a part of your life. It’s all well and good to decide that you want to lose a stone, but realistically how is that going to happen?

Make small changes

Research shows it takes 30 days to create a new habit. So start your resolution by making small changes. Take the first 30 days to add something in/take something away and build from there. You’re more likely to succeed if you break your goal down.

Be responsible for your own happiness

We are responsible for our own choices. Okay, so eating that entire packet of biscuits in one go gives you that feeling of immediate satisfaction, but you know that down the line it leaves you feeling lethargic, guilty and just generally a bit rubbish.

If you choose to eat the biscuits that’s fine, it’s your choice. But own it. Know that you made that decision, and are responsible for how you feel afterwards (This is a message to myself, as well as you).

Likewise if you’re unhappy because you don’t get to do enough of the things you want to do, then find a way to do more of the things you want to do. It really is simple. Not always easy, but simple.

Progress, not perfection

This is a big one for me. I’m definitely a perfectionist, and struggle to get something done if it’s not (in my mind) absolutely perfect. But that has led to a LOT of procrastination in my time, as well as anxiety, and so I’m working on making progress in my endeavours.

Life is not perfect. Eating healthy all the time is not realistic. Being 100% motivated all the time does not happen. So be realistic with yourself, there’s no such thing as perfect. Strive for progress.

Create accountability

Okay, so being responsible for your own choices is simple enough, but sometimes you need that extra push. Tell someone what your goal is. Find an exercise class you love and make a date with a friend to go every week. Start a walking / book / (insert your own goal here) club.

If you want to lose/gain weight, take progress photos and find someone you trust to send them to. Having someone to be accountable to will help you to commit and see your goal through.

It’s all about finding balance in your life and taking responsibility for your own happiness. Now, with that in mind, I’m off to watch the rest of Indiana Jones…

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2017!