How to kick start Spring wellness….

Barbara looks at how we can feel better and increase those energy levels

Spring…one season I am always looking forward to as spring brings us warmer weather, blooming flowers and longer, sunnier days. It is also a time when we are unfortunately lacking energy, feeling demotivated and sleepy after that long and cold winter. How to feel better and increase energy levels then?

In my opinion adding on at least 30 minutes of exercise each day to your routine, preferably setting up the alarm clock to jump out of bed with that sunrise is one of the best things we can do to start our own individual wellness and happiness journey and revitalize our body. And then before we even realize that extra 30 minutes of exercise becomes our most favorite part of every day.

Brighten up your wardrobe with more colorful clothes to match with blooming daffodils and snowdrops in the park. Its time to ditch them oversized grey jumpers from our winter collection to nearest charity shop and also to make someone else happy.

With spring,we can expect arrival of warm weather fashion.Treat yourself with new tank top or stretchy legging from your favorite activewear collection. Something that gets you out there and make you feel good at the same time. Boost your energy and metabolism with seasonal fruit and veggies.

Go crunchy! They are packed with potassium which helps to keep blood pressure at healthy levels and also vitamin C and antioxidants. Swap salad for your lunch rather that leftover risotto from last night. Eat more,but clean. Smoothies,healthy fats like avocado, fruit on the go as a healthy energy booster smoothie and of course more nuts to snack on that will take all them cravings away.

Try matcha tea,one of my favorite drinks and soo delicious. Add some protein into your porridge in a morning and don’t forget to have that bottle of mineral water with you everywhere you go. Drink more but ditch sugary drinks. Swap green tea for coffee at least three times per week.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants and also contributes to healthy looking and glowing skin. It can only take couple of weeks to break that coffee habit.

Don’t forget about vitamin D. As during the winter we are lacking sunshine, this can really affect our mood and also immunity. Allow yourself to spend more time in the sun(preferably short getaway to sunny countries as we don’t get much in Ireland), or just grab yourself a supplement in nearest pharmacy or health shop.

Have you experienced much tension or pain in your body during the winter? Its time to get that sorted.

Get rid of them sore knees and back niggles that are stopping you. Long term injuries will not allow you to focus on your goals and can turn your mindset into very negative. Make an appointment with good physiotherapist or massage therapist to work on the issues that are stopping you to feel good and start setting up your fitness goals because summer is just around the corner.