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As some of you might have seen on Instagram, this year instead of attempting to give something up for Lent I’ve decided to take on some new healthy habits.

Every day on Instagram I share a challenge of the day.

For those of you not on Instagram, here is day 1-5:

Day 1

Planks planks and more planks.

Try 30-60 second hold of each full plank-side plank-side plank.
Take 30 seconds rest and repeat 3 times.

Day 2

Anyone who has been to my class has seen my 2.2 litre jug of water that I carry around.
There are so many health benefits of increasing your hydration status – reduced fatigue, boost immune system, improve digestion, reduce risk of headaches, better skin, aids fat loss, increased energy.

Day 3

Spine Twist

This move is great to unwind after a long week, particularly for anyone who has been sitting at a desk all week unwind the spine and shoulders.
This exercise improves postural control while sitting and develops strength in back extensors.

Sit tall on the boney parts of your bum, you can cross your legs or for advanced version straighten legs in front of you. Hands to opposite shoulder, Inhale and as you exhale twist to right, hold for 5 seconds. Inhale to centre exhale to left hold for 5 seconds.
Repeat 3 times.

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Day 4:

Pilates Push Up (tricep push ups)

Benefits: Strengthens pectorals, deltoids, core and triceps.
In the video I demonstrate progressions:
Beginner- on knees.
Intermediate: Single knee. Advanced- Both knees up.

Do 10 repetitions 30 seconds rest and repeat 3 times.

Day 5

Meal Prep

Spend some time today preparing your meals for the coming days/week.

You don’t even have to cook all of them today simply plan what you are going to eat to stay as clean and healthy with your nutrition as you can.

Every Sunday I prepare my lunches and dinners for the following 3-4 days and do another mini meal prep midweek.

Benefits of Meal Prepping

  • reduces risk of impulse buying unhealthy foods,
  • leads to more balanced meals when you prep meals rich in protein – carbs and healthy fats and fill with micronutrients,
  • it will save you time during the week
  • improve portion control and willpower

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