cup of teaDark mornings are most definitely marching in and we are all feeling the hard battle to rise out of bed!



Everyone has their own coaxing mechanism to help them make that first move out from under the covers to start their day. During the week my day starts at 5.45am …I have an army of three that have to be at school for 8am. My friends often ask how do you do it? Well the first response is because I have to! Being a single mom means if I don’t do do it, no one will!  What I have found that helps me- is to make the first 20 minutes in the morning my little oasis of “me-time”. I put on the kettle, make some breakfast, and sit and read the Irish Times online…granted I only have time for one article- so I have to choose wisely.

Having this time in the morning helps to wake me up, set my frame of mind, and be alert, and ready for when the little ones awake. Then, I am battle-ready for the early morning rush ( Dublin traffic anyone?) and the day to come.

So, be kind to yourself. Make the time to start the day as you mean it to go on and if you’re lucky enough to have a morning-free after school drop-off or before work begins,  you can let me put you through your paces at Platinum Pilates in Rathmines!

Laurie and family


Pre and Post Natal Pilates this Autumn

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