5 simple tips to transform your 2016 wellness journey

Confidence and believing in yourself is the secret to kick starting a new workout program.

Have some Self Talk everyday

If you don’t believe that you can stick to a plan then you will most likely not get the results that you desire. Morning RunThere will be days when you don’t feel like going to your class or for a run.  You may also question the speed of your results, but if you keep reminding yourself why you started and remain positive,  then you drastically increase the likelihood of achieving your desired results.

Find an exercise class that you love

Whether it’s Reformer Pilates or Barre, the research shows that when you work out in a group you will adhere to exercise longer, will enjoy it more and you will get better results than working out alone.

Knowing there are other people there with you working just as hard is sometimes enough to keep you going just a little longer.

Commit whole heartedly

There’s nothing that motivates us more in January than seeing the results quickly set in. If you commit to cleaning up your diet as well as taking up a new exercise plan, you will see results much faster than if you chose only one. You can’t out train a bad diet so make sure your new eating plan mirrors your new exercise plan.

Keep it simple

hayleys level 1 reformerWhen it comes to cleaning up your diet keep it as simple and hassle free as possible. Things like drinking more water, cutting down on processed foods and adding more green vegetables into your day are three of the easiest most simple steps to follow and they can have a dramatic impact on weight loss and the way you feel almost instantly.

Complicating it any more than that only makes your chances of sustaining it beyond January so much less.

Take Action

Stop talking about doing it, and just start working toward your desired goals. You’ll NEVER regret a day that you worked out!

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