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5 Top Tips For Better Sleep

Sleep is so important, bad sleeping patterns can affect your mood, appetite, hydration status, recovery from exercise, metabolism and much more
Forward head posture

Forward head posture – why it’s so important to avoid

Over time, your neck joints are continually compressed. Many of your neck muscles tighten up, due to continual tension, whilst others weaken due to disuse.
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Motivation & getting back into your groove

Milena's top 10 tips on getting you motivated, and keeping yourself on track.
sparking water is healthy for you

Why Drinking Water Is More Than Just A Healthy Habit

Your body has its own very sophisticated plumbing system ... Imagine the plumbing system in your own house, without a constant supply of water things get clogged up as they do in your body

New Year New You – 5 Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Healthy 2016

It's never as tough as you think and if you commit to cleaning up your diet as well as taking up a new exercise plan, you will see results much faster than if you chose only one...

Superfood – Nature’s finest and free – daylight

The sun is the original super food. Human beings are evolving biologically from of the sun’s energy ... Todays post on Daylight and why we all need it

Superfoods – Nature’s finest and free – Sleep

You produce most of your growth hormone (GH) when you sleep. Which as the name suggests it is essential for you to grow. But its benefits of growth hormone are not limited to getting longer and bigger.

Superfoods – Natures finest and free – Air

Increasing your body's oxygen intake is more about changing the depth rather than the rate of each breath.

Superfoods – nature’s finest and free – water #smallchanges by Audrey

Mother earths most natural resource and still we give water the run around ... Read more about our natural resources and how they can help your health ...
Victoria Maughan Pilates Instructor

Day 4 #smallchanges – Add 5 minutes of Pilates to your day…everyday

Just 5 minutes of Pilates a day can have a dramatic impact on your Health ... Read why here ...
healthy spinach omelette

Day 3 #smallchanges Become A Green Machine

We've found five easy ways to help you green up your life without trying too hard ...

Why Swapping Coffee For Green Tea Is A Winner #smallchanges

Day 2 Of Small Changes And We're Swapping Our Daily Cup Of Coffee For Green Tea ... Here's Why

Start Your Day With Lemon Water #smallchanges

We’re so excited to kick off our #smallchanges campaign at Platinum Pilates...

Morning Battles

Laurie tells us her secret to being a happy single mom with 3 kids.

Annie’s Top Health Tips

6 Top tips from Annie on how to eat better, sleep more and be happier.
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The Wonder and Awe of Breastfeeding to celebrate National Breastfeeding week

As national breastfeeding week comes to an end I thought it would be nice to pull together some truly amazing facts about breastfeeding. It's not for everyone, but breastfeeding can be the most awesome and liberating experience of a women’s life. So for all our new and repeat moms out there, here are some facts about how amazing your body is.