Staying on track this January

It’s not too late to get started – Carol shares her tips on staying focused this January

This January it seems like just about everybody has been taken down with this awful flu, me included! So its been extra difficult, maybe almost impossible to keep up with that amazing revolutionary, life changing plan you had for yourself. But fear not here are my tips to help you get back on track to that super disciplined, awesome New You!

Today is a new day

Regardless of what happened yesterday today is a new day and you can make whatever changes you like to your life today. Even if you’ve had two cheat meals yesterday, try not to be too hard on yourself and not dwell on the past but stay focused on where you want to get to!

And if you have it in you today, push yourself that extra little bit in class or on our run and you’ll be back on track in no time.

Muscle has memory

While you don’t have to keep looking back at what you have done in the past, your muscles automatically will! So if you were sharp enough to start your work out plan before Christmas or even the first week in the new year your muscles will remember and gain condition that little bit quicker. You should hopefully start to see little changes and definition sooner than you think.

Carol Grimes exercising

‘Muscle has memory’ – Carol hard at it on the reformer.

Remember the little achievements as well as the big ones!

When I’m finding it difficult to get motivated I try to remember the little results that made me feel good. Whether its your jeans feeling even just that little bit looser, feeling super energised after a class, the satisfaction of having all of your meal prep done for the week, these are the little things that I try to remember and encourage me to keep going.

If your end goal falls out of sight, sweating the small stuff can really help to keep you going!

Surround yourself with your goal (this is probably the most important one!)

So getting off the couch and changing your eating habits are very tangible things you do to create the new you, they start the process and show you the first results or changes in your life. to make these changes permanent you have to change your habits.

This means surrounding yourself with people and things that reflect your new lifestyle. For example you can join a running group, invest in some good workout gear or read about health and wellness instead of watching mindless TV in the evening. All of these changes are going to change your life instead of making health and wellness another task to tick off that never ending To-do list!

And of course we are always here to encourage you and push you to your limits in class!

Wishing you health and wellness on your exciting journey!