Transformation Team Member 2 – Meet Sophie.

Meet Sophie, Team member 2 for our Platinum Transformation.

As one of the newer crew members here at Platinum Pilates, I am really excited to join the Transformation Team. I love a good challenge and look forward to reaping the benefits from this.

For me this “Operation Transformation” is about discipline. I really struggle to eat like a normal human being and less like a grizzly bear in the colder months – often referred to as the “bottomless pit” / “hoover” of the family when it comes to Christmas dinner (and every other meal from October-December). It really is a “see food” diet, I see it, I eat it! My main goal is to get to grips on my diet, and if I tone up and increase fitness while doing it, that’s a bonus.

I plan to do at least 4 classes a week and I am hoping to incorporate some Barre classes to make cardio a bit more tolerable. Hearing how hardcore Cardio Barre is has me breaking out in a nervous sweat already!


Once I started teaching full time I was spending a lot less time on my own practice. While I plan my classes in advance, it is hard to commit to your own practice. My days can be quite spread out between studios and this can lead to a lack of exercise routine.

With my schedule that way it is, I tend to eat out quite a lot. I eat with a “Treat yo’self” approach and more then I’d like to admit, end up with all the trimmings- yes, I’ll have fries with that!

I  will make out a timetable for each week throughout January, planning what times I’ll eat, where I’ll eat and a rough idea of what I’ll eat and what days and times I can fit classes in.