Cancellation Policy

Our Terms & Conditions

We operate on a 24-hour cancellation policy on all group and private sessions.
Cancellations made after this time will be fully charged.
We know, sometimes things happen and you might have to cancel. Cancellations may be made on our online booking system at on our App or by email, We do not implement the cancellation policy on a case-by-case basis.
All Platinum Pilates clients must be over 16 years of age to attend Reformer Pilates classes.
Please note, you must sign a full Health Questionnaire on your first visit to our studio.

You must disclose fully to Platinum Pilates if you have any health conditions and if your health changes during the course of your time at Platinum Pilates.

All packs purchase have a 12-month expiry date and cannot be used once they have expired. This excludes monthly memberships which have a 30-day expiry.
Partially used packages are non-refundable.
Clients cannot split or share packages.
Packages cannot be transferred to another client.
Clients can purchase a class for another client by adding them as a family member.
Clients cannot attend classes if booked under a different name this includes family members.
Platinum Pilates reserves the right to change the teacher where emergency cover is required. Packages are not sold with a guarantee of a specific teacher taking certain classes.
Where a refund is requested and granted, there is a €25 processing fee.
Refund requests made more than 2 weeks after the date of the sale will not be allowed.
Monthly Packages cannot be extended and credits cannot be used once expired.

We reserve the right to change teachers, times of classes & types of classes.


The Annual Platinum Tribe Membership monthly joining fee of €239 will be debited from your account on the date your contract starts and subsequently each month for 12 months from start date.
If any direct debit is unpaid or returned or not honoured for whatever reason, a €25 processing fee will be added to your account.
If, despite being notified about payments being missed, further payments are missed, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your annual membership.
Annual membership – more than 3 late cancellations per month will adhere to an additional fee (€22.50 per extra late cancel/no show) which will be added to the susequent month fees.
Annual members may freeze their membership for up to 6-weeks for holiday period during their 12-month membership. You will need to contact to advise of membership freeze dates.
The Annual Membership FREE Physio assessment must be booked in via reception, or call: 01 278 9313.
Only the responsible party may cancel the accounts of those for whom they are paying.
We recommend that in the eventuality that you need to cancel your annual membership, that cancellation be made before your regular billing date. A 30-day cancellation period will apply. No partial months will be prorated.
Annual Platinum Tribe Members will receive notification one month before their annual membership is due to expire. Members will not be permitted to continue classes unless their membership is up-to-date.
You may cancel the subequent 12-month membership at this time or continue your journey with us.
If you cancel your Annual Platinum Tribe Membership, your membership card will expire and no longer work with our Brand Partners. Lists of all annual members will be provided monthly to all our brand partners to ensure no transferrals of your membership card.
Your annual membership cards can be used with our brand partners to avail of special perks as set out in your introductory letter. This card is non-transferrable and cannot be used after the 12-month period if you discontinue your membership. Please return your annual membership card if you cancel your membership.

If, for any reason, you cancel your Membership (8 class membership or Annual Membership), unfortunately, you are unable to sign up again for another membership again for 6 months.