Reformer Pilates

Challenge your body + your mind


Welcome to a whole new body, a whole new you.

A century ago, our namesake founder, Joseph Pilates combined controlled movements with a focus on breathing and alignment; developing an exercise technique for building strength and flexibility, while improving balance, coordination and endurance.

Our intimate classes, led by our expert movement practitioners, are all about attention to detail, moving in the correct way, breathing with every move, with specific cueing and focus to help you understand the activation and engagement needed to get the most out of your reformer sessions.

As you navigate your way around our reformer machines, the spring-loaded sessions will hit the key Pilates principles of opening the body and strengthening the core. NEW to reformer machines? Start your Platinum experience in our Level 1 Beginner’s classes. 

Expect to experience a full body workout, as you pulse, squeeze and lift every part of your body imaginable (and a few you didn’t know existed!).

Join us for 300 classes every week across our 7 studios for Group classes, One-to-one private sessions, Cardio Jumpboard and Advanced Pilates.

Reformer Pilates


Beginners Reformer Pilates Level 1

Reformer Pilates Level 1

The perfect Beginner’s class with a focus on Joseph Pilates’ Principals and deep strengthening through healthy alignment.

Intermediate Reformer Pilates Level 2

Reformer Pilates Level 2

Try these Intermediate classes once you or your instructor feel you’ve done enough Level 1 Beginner classes. Expect deep core strengthening for a full-body experience.

Reformer Pilates Level 3

Reformer Pilates Level 3

Suitable once you have completed 50 Beginner Level 2 classes consistently without a break. This class develops deep core strength and flexibility. 

One on One Pilates Instruction


Need some specific guidance to help you progress through the levels? Our instructors will guide you through the right movement for your body.

Advanced Reformer Pilates High Cardio Classes

Signature Classes

For the die-hard Reformer fans who love to feel the burn, we have high-intensity Cardio Jumpboard and Advanced Reformer classes every week.

Complete Pilates ecosystem for every level

Pilates & Physio Ecosystem of Care

A combined Physio and Pilates approach fusing the skills of medical and movement practitioners for a long-term sustainable fitness approach.